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Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Stuck in the land of no IT

Thats where I have been for the whole of Easter weekend. Of course no helplines open and my machine gets collected tomorrow morning.

It has nevertheless been a weekend full of events.

Firstly I have to thank Richard, Heather and the girls for skipping lunch, driving 30 miles on Bank Holiday Mondayto pull the wifes truck out of the wood (where I had got it bogged down).

It seems also apologies as I have blown the big end in the shoot jeep. Ooops!

Still I got out today and topped up some feeders and moved some others.

Thirsty work though so a quick one outside The Red Lion on the way home!

I am teaching on a course next month so off to Winchester for a refresher this friday so at least I will have the right hymn sheets.

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