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Saturday, 9 February 2008

Who will rid me of this troublesome priest

Again another of the god botherers thinks that he is important enough to change this sceptic isle and the laws that we have developed over 2000 years of civilisation.
To quote Mr Free Market there's room on the Tyburn tree for all of them.
I think it was Kim who said first that"Religious conflict is all about my imaginary friend is bigger than yours"
If any of them think that God has anything to do with this and in particular their version of God then a special padded cell is available thats if the liars and Thieves havent sold them all for development.
Time to load more ammo, someone said last week that we will need a wall as long as the great china to put up all the naer do wells that are destroying this country. Rubbish you only need a small wall and a big queue.

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