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Sunday, 3 February 2008

A visit to see my love child

This morning I ventured over to Hove to The Brighton and Hove Gun Room run by Dave.

This emporium of all things I hold dear was by personal arrangement and cost me a dozen Quail eggs and a small bottle of 2006 Sloe Gin.

My I was impressed, Manlicher Schoenauers in 9mm, in fact in every possible calibre, I'm surprised my dearest long suffering wife put up with me being locked in the gun room for 2 hours.

Dave has given me some ideas regarding moving my collection along, I think an application to become an RFD is in line.

I did however get to play with my baby which some of you may recall from earlier posts that I had seen this and absolutely had to get my greasy mitts on it. Well I have and although I still have some hoops to jump through money being one of them I hope to take this rifle stalking Roebuck in the coming season.

This is she in all her glory, so light and easy to swing a joy of engineering converted to a cased take down rifle by a true professional.
We know when the rifle was made but not when it was converted, apart from whoever did that didnt do it yesterday, you would need free donor rifles to make that profitable.

The scope is a wonderful claw mounted german piece which has see through mounts for those close encounters of the furry kind.

I have received instructions on how to adjust for elevation so I will be able to help Mr Free Market who will be receiving an invite to a special summer sporting match along with Ex_Stab.

Here she is in all her assembled glory, less than 5 minutes to put together and a superb and beautiful rifle ready to thin the herd is sat waiting to be loaded.

This is the view from the other side, I suppose you will have to take my word for this. I would like to thank Milsurp After Hours for bringing this rifle to my attention.

The rifle is almost as when first out of the factory apart from the bolt handle being turned down and the rear scallopped, the furniture being cut to come apart and go back together and the scope mounts.

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