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Friday, 8 February 2008

Quick update on Sassy and the pups

Today we took them to the vets to be docked and have the dew claws removed. Up until last year a travelling vet would do this and use a small lambing ring. This was excellent as the pups didnt notice the tips dropping off. Nowadays it is done with surgical snips by the vet. 1/2 an hour later and all of them are back with mum being sniffed and cleaned. I have created an album online so if anyone wants to see the pups develop please drop me a line.

Now before anyone decides upon informing the RSPCA etc all parts of the Animal Welfare act were taken into account and paperwork completed. I'm not one for docking any tails or cropping ears for cosmetic reasons but these pups are intended to be sold to working homes and thus have been saved many trips to the vet for broken tails and bleeding tips.
Mind you if I was a minority other than white and a countrysport loving native of this country I could claim it was done for religeous reasons and have no bother from the whitehall worriers such as if it were Halal or Kosher but never mind eh!

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