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Saturday, 16 February 2008

Now I must be odd thinking that a life sentence is for life

I know I will go to hell in the minds of all the penal reformers (cue sniggers) but if you get sent to prison for a disgusting crime such as rape, you get ill (hopefully terminally) and then us poor taxpayers then ensure you get treatment in a top hospital.
Thats bad enough but this scumbag does a runner, not the first time but twice. Panic in the streets as he is described as dangerous.
Now he was transferred from a secure Psychiatric unit to a normal A&E.
So many things are wrong here. If he is really dying then let him die in a cell all alone and save the taxpayer some money for once.
Apparently he was escorted by mental health care professionals, well that really makes me feel warm all over and No I havent wet myself. The lunatics have taken over the asylum.
If someone is ill in prison when I become Home Secretary in Jeremy Clarksons new Government then no one will escape and more bigger, nastier prisons will be built!

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