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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

A good days stalking

Richard bagged a lovely nice Roe Doe this morning. I was impressed, it was precisely where he saw one there last week. We met up and Richard had his first unnassited gralloch.

Richard decided to use the suspended from a nearby tree method.

Very good it was too.

This allowed him free access to the chest and stomach cavities. Richard is studying for his DSC level 1 and carried out a very good gralloch.

This means that the red and green plucks are free to fall clear. This ofcourse allows you time and space to inspect all the vital parts for the important diseases and infections.

A short while after this another Roe Doe was bagged, a great heart shot and very impressive. This one was gralloched on the floor;

This one was recovered by the african game pole method. The gralloch revealed a massive exit wound:

The heart and lungs were smashed completely. On bleeding out a massive gush of blood poured forth.

After a hearty breakfast we visited another wood to move 2 high seats out of a tricky spot to a place where we can view more deer now that the weather is good and the vegetation will soon be growing again. Whilst doing this we witnessed 4 Roe Does being chased by a Roebuck across the valley we were siting a seat to cover. That should provide some very interesting sights this year.

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