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Wednesday, 6 February 2008

All day today spent deer stalking

That was the plan, everything bar the rifle and ammo was laid out.
Half past five last night and Sassy my 4 year old English Springer Spaniel Bitch decided to go into labour. She went very cold started to pant, pace around and climbed in and out of the whelping box. I rang in to cancel my attendance and Sassy spent the night climbing on and off the bed.

This morning at 0815 she dropped a lovely marked liver and white bitch on the living room floor and shortly afterwards another one on the kitchen floor. They were popping out about an hour apart and now since then nothing.

4 pups and we are still waiting hoping that we dont have a trip to the vets.

Saved, at 12 35 out pops the second bitch.
Now they are coming out every 10 to 20 minutes.
Just to totally gross you out!

To complete the grossness here she is whelping:

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