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Thursday, 31 January 2008

Well i did say it couldnt get any worse didnt I?

Just how wrong can you be?

A trip in the wifes truck to Hampshire with a great friend and 6 dogs for a days beating.

On arrival asked if we are willing to shoot, rain holds off and breakfast is eaten. It all goes down hill very quickly after that;

1. The heavens opened.

2. I reversed the truck into a tree which shattered the rear window. OOPS

I am in the doghouse big time!

Still at least a new guest broke his duck so to speak and took the only cock bird of the day!

Thats one happy camper, only shot clays before well done sir! Nice to see clay shooters can hit birds that arent slowing down!

After the noon drive over the rifle range we decided to call it a day, it was chucking stair rods down at us.
On the way back we drove through some interesting weather!

I am glad to be inside and warm and dry, a few beers with tonights bowling before taking the truck to the dealers tomorrow for the estimate! Oh and a trip into town for a job interview in an attempt to pay next months extortionate mortgage payment.



Mr Free Market said...

Are you still in the doghouse?

Mrs FM wont talk to me for a year if I had duffed up the back of her Landrover

Bambibasher said...

Very much so, apparently I'm never to be forgiven, regardless of the fact that I no longer mention her cleaning bird droppings of the bonnet with a scouring pad!
I had a good interview on Friday so I may be forgiven soon. Somehow I doubt it!