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Thursday, 24 January 2008


A quick update; after 3 days chilling in a very cold fridge I decided to freeze the remainder. To do this I find that vaccum packing is very effective, as I dont own a vaccum packing machine I thought I'd share this tip.

I buy resealable bags, the sort with zip locks and use a straw:

I then use this to suck the air out of the bag, the trick is to have it locked shut bar just enough for the straw which you then squeeze closed as you withdraw the straw.

You end up with very good shrink wrap effect looking freezer packs of snorkers. Remember to write on them what the contents are and the date.

Lets face it its nice to be able to describe what went into each one exactly without having to open and sniff test each one!

After all of this you can pop them in the freezer for ages, I keep game sausages for usually about 6 months for the summer BBQs and then I find some keep well enough for next new years eve!

After all we cant let food preparation get in the way of natures best harvest now can we? At least this year I used decent labels hence the mug of tea as I didnt have to sniff and taste test!

After all the years of making gallons of Sloe Gin, Rum, Vodka and any clear spirit I have lots left so this year we only did 4 jars. As usual I kept half the stones but lacking any cheap port to pour over I decided to use that annoying bottle of Stones Ginger wine and see how 4 months on the sloes does?

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