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Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Plodding along

If 1/2 a million stop the war and 407 000 countryside protesters were ignored what hope for these jokers?
Still I'm glad to see that Arrsse has its priorities right:
Smart as carrots said:
The Police Federation called on its members to march in support of their pay claim.
They received a recorded message telling them that the Police were only available to march between 9am and 5pm, except at weekends.
A week later, a civilian Support Officer called them back with a March Report Number and invited them to complete a survey on how well their request for marchers had been handled.
No Policeman were able to attend the actual march, owing to the prioritising of limited resources to checking the road fund licence of a burger van outside Crewe.
A single PCSO was sent to attend, but as they did not have the legal power to march, they could only bimble instead.
Cheers carrots, perhaps no crimes were commited today and no leave was cancelled!
Will I be arrested for hate or race or even homophobic crimes for pointing out that those baseball hats looked queer?


Chris edwards said...

MMM I was at one of the countryside marches (second one)and there was considerably more supporters than at the yellowback march, if England was not a fascist country with rulers with a set agenda the miserable so called hunting ban would never happened.As for hate crime when will one of our despicable media slime coin the phrase Paedophibic? after all it is only a short step from one prevalent perversion to another?

Bambibasher said...

The worst one has to be the hate crime rules (as if there is any other sort of crime!)where the complainant doesnt even have to be the person that the alleged offensive remark was made about or to, sorry I should change that as that law doesnt recognise allegations it seem to accept them as fact!