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Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Now thats not just cricket

Cricket, now there’s a game to be watched pie eyed on the village green with pints of foaming ale in hand waiting to be called for last bat or at least to cheer your more inebriated friend who will swing his now 3 foot wide bat at the 6 foot wide ball for six every time.
Now it seems that not only are overpaid so called sportsman kicking off but an entire country can get an umpire sacked for daring to censure a player for his alleged Racist comments resulting in a 3 match ban.
Well India if that’s how you feel about it I suggest you go home and play others who care less for your lack of sportsmanship.
I fear its the same across the colonies now!

1 comment:

Mr Free Market said...

Funny that the Aussies are suddenly getting a bit sniffy about a little bit of ‘sledging’ when they have been doing it for years.

1-0 to the curry munchers I’d say!