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Thursday, 10 January 2008

More drivel from a dope smoking home secretary

However the alleged Home Secretary has outdone herself on the dickhead useless legislation front.
At least David Davies had the nerve to ask what was going to be done about the other 99% of firearms used in armed crime in this sceptic isle nowadays.
Let me see, the last decent Home Secretary was Leon Brittain. He actually stopped the ACPO from pushing for unnecessary legislationm in the 70's.
pray tell me anyone what legislation has ever stopped criminals breaking the law. The more police on the street act or the death penalty! Either one of those was a deterrent unlike the W A N K E R S that run our system here. I have already pointed out that this Govt unable to obey its own political funding laws declared that new legislation was needed. DUHH what was needed was locking up you bunch of fecking crooks and perhaps the other idiots might obey the laws.
The same should have happened with Hungerford and Dunblane, neither would have happened if the guardians of law and order had done their jobs. Useless the lot of them!
Rant over, yes I am frustrated but I am stuck indoors thanks to the rain being so heavy that I cant take my clients stalking in the morning. They wouldnt thank me for 3 hours in the woods getting wet and not seeing any deer!

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Civil Shot said...

Skin's waterproof you know!

Anyway, I'm off to continue the search for a nice de-activated Wobbly .455 before they're banned to make Britain 100% safe.

It'll go nicely with the Brocock.

All I need now is the samurai sword to complete the set.