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Saturday, 5 January 2008

a little bit of willy waving has taken place

adjshootist sent me these:

A very nice half stocked 6.5 Mannlicher Schoenaer

I shot a very similar one last year at the HBSA Wappenshaw

Not fitted with a scope period or otherwise

The results are and I quote:

"the group was shot by me resting at 50mthe orange marker Disk is 3ins in size i was using my own hand loads with Nosler 140grnbullets and 38.6grns of H3450 giving me 2340fps at the chrono"

very nice I think you'll agree.
Tomorrow before lunch I'll be testing some loads for mine and Richards 6.5 swedes and my 7.62 x 39.

Meanwhile this is the other MS in 6.5:

Being shot at Bisley December 06.

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Thomas the Tout said...

Oh Joy! An MS, in 6.5! This is one of the guns that I inherited from my father. Here in Oz, most people think 6.5 is the 6.5x55 round, so I am delighted to see that some-one else knows about the elegant MS. (Come to think of it, Father was living in London at the time - I think the gun case indicates Boswell as the vendor). Now that my lad is shooting, he wants a scope to reach those foxes at 250 yds, but I veto-ed that: no permanent changes to the gun. I have concede a leaf-sight in the dovetail (because I am not sure how well the rifle lines up with the folding peep sight on the stock, especially if it has sat in its case for a while). This gun is simply a delightful little classic of the gun-makers art, and so I am cheered to have seen yours too.
As for those pesky foxes that think we cannot catch them at 250 yds, I have decided on a .204 in Remington or Sako, and junior can have a bloody great scope on it!