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Tuesday, 29 January 2008

A little armed ramble

Since we have been plagued by dog walkers in a wood with no public access or footpaths we have been concerned that they have been pushing our birds out!

Richard fitted a stealth trail cam and a few new faces have shown up. They always appear at the same time so I set out today to see if they were creatures of habit.

No such luck but I took 5 spaniels and pushed them around the wood looking for pheasants and pigeons.

The dogs enjoyed themselves and so did I. I can certainly recommend these trail cams for those of you with predator or trespasser problems.

I have enclosed a few images below;

Chris and I on the last "Formal day"!

Charley the fox puts in an appearance every night.

We really should do something about him!

Now this person needs to stop by for a chat about why she is trespassing and how she wont be walking through our wood in future, cheeky bint, get your own wood!

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