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Saturday, 19 January 2008

The last day of the season in Squirrel wood

It's not called squirrel wood but we have shot more of the heathen american imports than pheasants in this wood. That is until today!

We started with a few pork and apple bangers from tescos and my venison snorkers from last nights efforts!

We lit up later than usual, Nigel was looking after his Dad who had only just had his pacemaker fitted! That left us minus a pair of great beaters, William and Charles but they have many years left ahead of them yet!

Richard and I troughed heavily on the bangers until Elmer Fudd our part time keeper arrived! We left just enough for him!

The rain recently has filled the old pond shown on the 1820 map behind our pen, I may deal with the trees this year and start feeding the pond in a gentle manner to encourage ducks in. I will trim a few of the low trees around the splash and look at geting some ducklings into the nearby pen!

Oh please ignore the date and time on the pictures, I dropped the camera at my sisters wedding last August (whilst sober I may add) and am unable to use the view finder or change any settings.

So Richard got first blood but we eventually found who or what was leaving the Muntjac sized droppings and the fur on every bramble or barbed wire!

I think we can call him Shaun! Any way off we go anddecide to cut a circular route around the northern end of our wood, double back and drop in at the top of the oval track and push the Woodcock back over the others, Richard and Chris.

Chris brought out his lates acquisition, a collie cross lurcher called dillie, thankfully his cocker called millie seems to be dislexic!

So on the way back north along the river bed I flushed a nice cock bird, well at least my dogs did!

This one the dogs put up and I hit in the tail with the first cartridge: 21 grams.

The bird almost stood still so I whacked it with the second barrel and down it went. Misty my darling found him!

The four English Springers worked really hard today, I havent seen so many torn snouts and ragged tails for a long time!

After coffee we wandered back around to hit the same patch but from North to south along the same river bed! This time I poached a bird in front of Richard, I suspect it was the other cock bird I missed earlier!

I then picked up the bird that should really have been Richards, however all was not simple, a feeder had shed its nozzle calling for emergency work. Never mind, it all worked out and we hit the ale at the village pub straight after!

But not before I got to pose with my boys:


thud said...

posts like this help to remind me there is a world ouitside of the nulabour hell hole some of us live in...thanks.

Bambibasher said...

You are welcome, its not a massive shoot but the birds are ours, the wood is cared for and we look after the countryside to ensure some sport!