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Saturday, 26 January 2008

It really couldnt have got much worse could it?

I was awake at 0500 with the dogs having slept in the house last night so we didnt disturb the neighbours and I waited till 0700 and got no answer from Chris who was supposed to be driving down to the shoot in Hampshire!
I rang the shoot captain and apologised, 2 other beaters cried off last night but having no dogs makes it a damn difficult shoot.
I eventually caught up with Chris this afternoon, his car has died, same problem as mine and his phone also!
We piled into the car and along with 2 extra dogs went up to squirrel woods again!
We let them off and they had a great time, 11 spaniels tearing around, might keep the cocks on the move.

Anyway I will be having a go at the last day of the season in Hampshire unless I am in an interview, the same applies to Monday and some afternoon deerstalking.

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