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Friday, 18 January 2008

How crappy can your weekend be?

First my lovely little Suzuki dies in Hampshire on saturday, then the people turn up for the Frontera sold on E bay on the Sunday. Then Monday afternoon the governor calls me in and lays me off!
It was the head gasket, today Richard towed me back the 33 miles from the dealers, it was like being a bass spinner trolling behind a power boat. Greyer hair and sacred witless!

Ah well at least the HBSA Lecture was good, The 7mm in British Service. I also bought last years book from the Author and a great read it is!

Now I thought I may help those who have been asking about Bambi Bangers recipes!

This week I have been mainly making Sausages from Sika Stag.

No1. first mince your chopped or diced part frozen shoulder:

I always use a little pork fat usually belly from my mates free range pigs, that is all apart from spices that I add, no filler or rusk just meat. The fat means that you can grill or fry without them splitting! I store the mince overnight in the freezer, sometimes spiced and sometimes not!

I prefer the hand mincer as I have spent a hundred quid or so on electric mincers and none of them are as good as old fashioned hand power!

Next I drop the lot into a 20lb capacity paddle mixer, again hand powered, another advantage of hand power is that very little heat is ever transferred to the meat unlike the electric machines.

At this point I add the spices, I drop them in a little at a time through a little slot in the lid. This stops you dropping the lot in one hit and means it spreads a lot better making for a better mix.

Then you turn and turn and turn, about a minute a pound!

At some point the mixture will thicken, professional butcher add about 1/4 the total weight in water (it helps the stuffing process) but I put a tiny amount in if and only if necessary. Tonight I added about 1/2 a pint.

I then transfer the mix back into a large bowl and clean the paddle cleaner, cleaning as you go saves time for beer later!

Now the skins I use are hogs runners, salted so they need rinsing with cold water. I stand them for an hour whilst preparing the sauasage stuffer.

The stuffer is a basic food grade plastic horizontal jobby, I feed the runners on the nozzle, stand it up and spoon in the mix.

Tie off the skins first!

Assemble and start pumping the skins through slowly, feed the mix in and ensure that they dont tangle or burst from air bubbles.

Keep topping up, feeding through and checking the skins!

You will end up with a few nice runs of sausage, tie off the ends and bunch your snorkers ready for hanging.

This is the tricky bit and I'm not really sure how I do it so I'm not going to bother with tales of the dark art of the Butcher, normally Elmer Fudd ties mine off for me!

Then you need to hang these somewhere cool and fly free to drain off any excess moisture overnight. I will take a pound with me to our final shoot day tomorrow!

The secret spice ingredient? Well its usually black pepper, no salt ever and some bits and bobs, tonight i used a proprietary milan salami spice mix that was left over from some salami experiments that didnt work as well as hoped.

Post script; The sad loss of George MacDonald Fraser this last week was nicely treated in Private Eye's recent issue, he will be missed.


Ghostrifle said...

Sorry about your weekend mate, crap things never come in ones do they?

Thanks for all the advice about sausage making I have been thinking about getting set up and now I will get sorted. Your advice on mincers has saved me a fortune already.

I have a roe shoulder in the freezer watch this space.

Hope things look up

Bambibasher said...

The snorkers went down well, watch the next post!