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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year to both of you,

Ok to all of you, the family went 10 pin bowling last night, stayed till 2245 then home for next doors traditional BBQ.

We had some nice Bambi Burgers courtesy of moi and lots of last years Sloe Gin etc.

Got up to walk the hounds:

Then took the kids to see Eastbourne Borough FC play Lewes in the Blue Square South League.

The attendance was something like 3,027 which for a non league side is something else. The Sports are well supported in a small town with another side playing as United..

A good game despite Eastbournes inability to complete the great moves set up and Lewes really wet to town on winning 2-0.

Some really lively fans in tonights crowd.

The crowd certainly started out ok, 1 minutes applause to give thanks for those that passed during the holidays.

But it all started as soon as we kicked off against the old enemy!

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