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Sunday, 6 January 2008

A day in the woods zeroing the stalking rifles.

Well I drove to the woods knowing that Richard had already arrived to find a nice trio of dead grey squirrels ready for use as fox bait.

Richard was ready for a zero session to check the factory ammo he had bought against the handloads I had made for him.

We knew the factory ammo was printing slightly left and fired a group with the handloads to confirm.

The ammo printed pretty much where we expected it to at 100 yards shot from the bonnet of the Vitara:

I adjusted an inch to the right and he fired another group, this was too far and we clicked back two clicks left which can be seen here showing the two groups, right hand as the first and left hand as the second:

I got the shooting mat out and fired off a couple of batches of loads for my 7.62 x 39:

The target despite its size was difficult to clearly see with the bright sunlight and subsequently the group opened up. I use an illuminated reticle and so had another go but its a close range woodland rifle so I wasnt dissapointed:

Richard is preparing to take his DSC1 so we simulated the shooting test,

we engaged a Roe sillhouette at 100 yards prone, 60 yards sitting and 40 yards standing.

I was very happy with his shooting. Now to lend him the CD so he can practise those 300 questions.

Richard firing of the bonnet of the vitara

Richard firing from the sitting position:


Ghostrifle said...


That shooting practice is realy good I found the shooting test quite tough. Mind you I hate sitting shots or rather my legs do.

I was using a Blaser 93 didn't like it at all worth checking what gun they will have him using.

Need to talk to you about venison sausages a few tips at some point



Bambibasher said...

He will use his own rifle on the test as he has an open FAC. He is very competent and familiar with it and I want him to stay that way. Bambi bangers are really easy. I'll post some recipes sometime soon. I'm due to make a batch and I have a couple of shoulders of diced Sika in the freezer!