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Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Whilst driving home this evening

like the old fart I am I enjoy listening to PM on Radio 4. It despite being a BBC radio program (cue lefty, trendy, townie rubbish about foxes and badgers) has a go at all politicians and does its best to put the lying two faced scum on the spot. The problem is that most of them are shameless.
If only they were half as interesting as Shameless then perhaps life would be bearable, I know the cast are all scallies but that is sadly where you author is from until my mother thankfully evacuated us to Cornwall where despite there being nothing to vandalise Bambibashers older brother couldnt kick his habits.
Luckily I joined the army and here I am.
Anyway back to Radio 4 and the announcement that the Liberal Democrat leadership election result was announced.
Now far from me to bore your already dull midweek evenings with such tripe, the literal dems are usually boring enough for that without my help. I want you to consider the party of liberalism and high taxes that cant really make its own mind up on what day it is has managed to elect a leader.
The obvious clue to all of this is in the poll results, bland faceless no one No1 polled 20, 477 votes against some other nobody that polled 20, 988 votes. How did they manage to get 42,000 adults to admit to being party members and look even then they could hardly tell the difference between two former euro party trough snufflers and the one that won has been in westminster for all of two years. well the Call me dave brigade must be quaking in their collective shoes now.
I dont think so somehow, which is a pity as they need a kick up their jacksies if they are to overturn the stalinists embedded in Whitehall now.

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