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Sunday, 9 December 2007


for those of you who havent heard this before it's an annual gathering of riflemen for a shooting match, in this case our club holds this early in december.

We braved some appalling typical Bisley weather to take part in a match using everything from Muzzle loaders, Black Powder breech loaders to modern rifles.

here a few pictures from today:

Myself clambering around with my Ross.

Another couple of members shooting alongside:

This is a Savage, a 99 I believe in .300 savage! Nice.

My Great Uncle In Montreal had one many years ago!

This smart looking match model of a 1903 Springfield was accompanied by some slightly older rifles.

A nice trapdoor model shot alongside some other nice examples.

This one has the same sort of bayonet that allegedly Teddy Roosevelt had removed from the trials 1903.

This to me looks like a private or Volunteer version, perhaps we can have some ideas on this?
Anyway despite the weather we had a good shoot and lunched afterwards on Snake and Pigmy pie at the Clubhouse of the Honourable Artillery Company.

Something I forgot to mention whilst driving back across the range, proof that Michael Howard and those other cowards whose idea of law enforcement is to create new laws rather than enforce existing ones:

Ok so its sat down at 600 yards on Century but it has one pistol grip and a relatively short barrel. Most importantly its sticking two fingers up to those clowns in the Home Office!
Yeah really committed to controlling gun crime, banning private ownership really worked didnt it you spineless control freaks. Instead of finding those responsible and punishing them under the law you demonised law abiding citizens who will never forgive you lying thieving scum.

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