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Thursday, 13 December 2007

Thanks to the Army Rumor Service for this one:

Found on ARRSSE where several ex squaddies now coppers are attempting to defend their right to whinge at the moment:
I understand Arthur Scargill has been asked to take command of a Citizens’ Militia who, in the event of a Police strike, would:
- wave their pay packets in striking rozzers’ faces
- establish an unlawful central control centre to direct Militia resources to deal with unlawful Police Federation secondary picketing
- persuade the army to dress up in Militia uniforms
- protect Nottinghamshire coppers when they refuse to strike- arrange an historic ‘Battle of Hendon Wood’ where former miners mounted on Blackpool donkeys would mount ferocious baton charges on fresh-faced police probationers
Beware: the government has been stockpiling CSOs. This is not strategically a good time to strike.
The first Police Wives Support Group has been form in Romford, Essex.
Spokesperson Tracy Shagalott explained:
“No way will the girls tolerate going without a regular supply of imitation leopard skin crombies, MegaArgos Patio BBQ sets and getting their tits done twice a year. We’re here for the duration.”
Good one Trace!


Anonymous said...

Now come on Ugs there's no need to be rude.

Bambibasher said...

Plenty of them too bizzy (pardon the pun) to laugh at the joke as they are defending their own hurt feelings now that Jackie Smith doesnt love them any more!