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Tuesday, 4 December 2007

more snouts in the trough

So as the skeletons fall out of the closets Broon the one eyed git must be hoping that they will deflect the flak from him. Not only is the leader of the porrige wog neu arbeit guilty of accepting unlawful donations but Peter "Dipped in tea" Hain another double (probably brown) hatter has also been caught with his nose in the trough.
Labours answer to its own inability to obey laws they introduced themselves is predictable; new legislation possibly to allow public funding of these career criminals.
The last thing this country needs is more legislation when the current clowns cant even obey the existing ones! That is typical of politicians, all legislation and no enforcement.
The Nimrod accident enquiry reports today. Another attempt by the politicians and the politicians in uniform to spin the news about how good they are and that tosser spouting platitudes about heroes, what would he know, the complete waste of my tax pounds.
Anyway rant of the week over or is it? Nimrods replacement running 4 years late is what?
Yes you guessed it another Nimrod!
I am so glad that I dont fly in service aircraft any more!
So lets have some fun and remember dont forget kids can call your bluff as well!

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