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Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Mid winter fun

Phone call from the Furher whilst chatting with Nigel the baker, "it wont start"," what wont?" and so it went on, it seems her diesel truck doesnt like the first decent frost we've had this year.

Tough I had to scrape my windows this morning before driving to work. I was a little later than normal and there were still plenty of Fallow out in the fields alongside. It seems that either everyone goes to work at the same time as I normally do or the new bridge at Beddingham being opened is too much to resist?

Still time for some humour:

This also appeared in my in box thanks to Jeremy who obviously isnt as busy as he should be, its taken from the Freelander advert of a few years ago and now entitled "How to spot a Blond Antelope!":

No doubt I will be held to blame for her truck not starting even though it is madam herself who hasnt let the glow plugs light go out on the dash before turning the engine over.

It needs doing though as I want to be in Hampshire this saturday for some more of this:

Although I do rather fancy some of what my Canadian friends are getting up to:

That said TrazTaz in Germany sent me something to drool over:

From the top down:Remington 700 .308

Parker Hale 9,3X62 ( PIG STOPPER!!)

Toz .22Merkel 16 bore with interchangable barrles for a rifle shotty combi,

7x57r(very nice gun)left cz75 9mmright weirauch

.375 magmerkel 12 bore aya lincoln 12 side by side

( you just gotta look English at some shoots!!)

Good hunting!! You seen any pig yet?

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