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Monday, 12 November 2007

Well all things considered it wasnt too bad a day

I awoke after a few drinkies with the mother of all pains in my left ribs under my arm. I suspect the wife (for it is she) beat me to a pulp for snoring, (allegedly alcohol induced). Still driving to work was interesting.

Thanks to the Army Rumour Service for this one:

My attendance at the local parade was interesting, the British legion (drinks afterwards) has been sold and the local TAC were being queer for some strange reason!

I ended up at the Bowling alley watching my kids taking part in the county trials. A good thing too judging by what went on in town during the afternoon:

I'm not sure if the local MP will be able to sort anything out being as wet as the local boating lake but I'll keep an eye on him!

This afternoon I left work early to drive the wife over for to pick up her car.

Yes the one I love (my bank balance) and I have been seperated for the next 3 years again. Now time to sell the Frontera.

To be honest I tried to get financial authority from my head of accounts to buy one new when they came out a couple of years ago. I'm glad we waited as this model we picked up with a tow pack and back box is an ex demonstrator 11 months old with only 5000 miles on the clock. The discount was good and its a diesel automatic so I keep Madam happy and the bank!

About time I got something big enough to carry the dogs (all 9) and not have them barking for 2 hours at a time!

On the way back we dropped of a big 45 gallon juice container for my Keeper Chris to use as a Brine tank. He will make some hams and I will smoke them in my Bradley.

We got a chance to see the damage done when the woodman left the fires unnattended.

Make up your own mind but I happen to think he is a cnut!

E mail to the land agent with pictures has been sent!

Worse than this, there were still some burning from today at 5pm.

For those that need convincing of the need for a healthy lifestyle watch this:

For those worried about sex before marriage there is this:

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