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Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Thanks to Mr FMT for this one:

Reports back from the long haired 0A are that her darling stud dog has already attempted to eat the rear brake electrics in the back of her new car.

This is the guilty sod, a definate candidate for nuts off if he doesnt start behaving:


Civil Shot said...

Who needs brakes anyway? Just make sure there is a conveniently placed bus queue or party of foreign tourists to slow your vehicle to a gradual halt. Extra points if they're French.

Or coat the wiring with a layer of Scotch Bonnet Insanity-Strength Chilli sauce...

Bambibasher said...

He is getting jailed in a travel crate from now on. There has appeared in one day several faults with the back box so the truck goes back tomorrow. Less than 24 hours and the rear lock doesnt, the lights arent functioning (dog to blame) and the box has mooved forward and is rubbing on the back of the truck cab making a horrid squeaking noise. Too low pitched for calling in foxes though. Do I have any rights as a consumer?
Lets wait and see!

Civil Shot said...

Rear box is straightforward warranty job - there should be no dramas.

Squeaky box should also be fixed by the dealer as a fault occurring within a short period (i.e. the goods are not of the expected quality) is covered by Sale of Goods and other consumer regs.

The pooch related bit might be down to you...