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Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Thanks again to Nigel

Sworn of Fords for life after my last experience with any colour as long as its black mutating into any gearbox that doesnt work I was pleased to receive this little clip from Nigel:

I guess Nigel has earned his place on this weekends shoot just on humour content alone. Looking forward to having you down and the boys for beating. I figure that we can manage 4 drives and push a few birds over the guns. Richard, Chris and Myself are fixtures, Chris is bringing 2 guns and Nigel is with me. Just up to Richard if he wants to drag his son and Brother out.

The pressure was on as I was due to pick up the dog trainers new truck an Isuzu Rodeo on Saturday afternoon. It looks like it wont be ready before next week so we will wait a little and have a relaxed pub lunch on Saturday.

I know an Isuzu is Japanese but my little rice basket of a Suzuki Jimny hasnt let me down yet and the Isuzu represents real value for money. One downside, car debt for another 3 years.

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