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Saturday, 3 November 2007

Saturdays shoot in Hampshire

Well a reasonably good day despite another modest bag. The 300 ducks certainly flew but were too immature to make any serious inroads into.

The weather was superb, down to shirtsleeves by noon. It was so hot that the dogs finished 4 litres of water by about 1130. luckily a trough was nearby;

The problem was Purdey had already decided to cool off!

So a party gathered to watch the bathing and get a free drink.
On the way back from there 2 more muppets prove that possession of a driving license doesnt make you a safe or even considerate driver;

More to please was the fact that another fake mini bites the dust, why are they driven by such d*ckheads as estate agents and other pond life who believe that they are better drivers, I wouldnt give them a roller skate!

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