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Saturday, 10 November 2007

First day at our little shoot

Yes at last we finally managed to get the magic ingredients together, beaters, birds, guns and the shoot. The weather was fine, too fine in fact, I think all of our birds were sat in the adjacent fields sunbathing. We tried really hard. I only used 4 dogs and 2 adults and 2 kids as beaters. Nothing on the first drive so we relined up the guns and pushed back to them.

Nothing again so we turned the guns around and headed back up the hill again.

yes this time with a walking gun in the middle 3 birds all took off. Now I'm not saying that nothing was shot or fired at. plenty of the local wood pigeons were saluted. However the walking gun hadnt loaded and the birds all flew away from our line.

Never mind, one flew over a guest, was allegedly shot yet we spent 15 minutes and still couldnt find it.

Time for coffee.

After coffee we wlked through together and pushed the chestnut clear, still no birds. I walked the guns around over the lower slope, took the beaters and walked around the long way. Whilst doing this another cock bird was pushed backwards over the guns and saluted.

I pushed through, with a gun in my hands this time (Beretta 686 28 Bore) and we managed to get completely the wrong way around. As we wombled around to point the right way a cock bird exploded from cover in front of me. As that irritating bloke of the tv said "Bang and the bird was gone!"

Now Misty picked the bird and we shook out for a last drive or so we thought!

Still not a lot flying!

My darling nearest and dearest turned up with the rest of Ugly Towers dog pack so we squeezed one more drive in. Sod I said back to the pub.

Not so simple Richards son and mine managed to get the shoot 4wd stuck on a stump. I told them to leave it and we will get it later.

A good lunch at the Red Lion, a couple of Harveys finest foaming pints and away home.

Chris returned to the shoot to find that the woodman had left scrub fires burning and about 20 yards of boundary hedge had gone. The man is a tool, in fact such a complete tool that we shall call him Leatherman from now on!

On the subject of unrepentant coppers refusing to resign and politicians buggering off and not doing their jobs properly that this little picture is a reminder of how when elections arent done properly how some right minded people deal with things.

thanks to CGN for this:

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