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Sunday, 18 November 2007

Baiting for boar

Today, Richard and I visited a couple of likely spots in one of our leased woods and one which I look after to see if the Boar are visiting.

They are well known down here but are notoriously difficult to see especially when you are armed and looking for one.

Walking your pet Highland Terrier aged 12 and if you are aged 80 then you are likely to see them and all of my deer and pheasants every day!

So we have resorted to habitat creation using Hog wild from Bushwear. This involves making a hole with post diggers and mixing grain with this attractant. Now thats ok as long as you read the packet first; we all do that dont we, luckily there was a feeder nearby so we robbed the grain from there first.

So first hole filled and off we went to a wood where we know Boar are active but we thought we would be armed first:
So 8 slugs in the tube and 5 more in the butt holder (snigger) and away we went.
Richard brought along a .22 just in case you understand, not that any of the bad boar that we werent going to see wouldnt be dealt with by an ounce and 1/4 of solid lead!
Part of the visit was to check on the ground after it was leased to a stalker and I put in a high seat for him covering the only possible ambush position.
Thats where we put the hog pit soon to be a wallow and in 2 weeks we will check again to see if it works. The only problem there is the wood is surrounded by orchards and maize coverstrips.
Ah well we shall see!


Civil Shot said...

Now THAT'S what I call a proper BFO shotgun... how is it on squirrels? For a true 'red mist moment'.

Bambibasher said...

Its great on bunnies and collared doves especially with those loads!