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Tuesday, 20 November 2007

A bad back and an evening in the club

Well I awoke with the mother of all back pains, being a bloke all pain is either terminal (yetI'll grin and bear it) or worse than child birth! Cutting the security chain that some knobber had vandalised the padlock on to one of our wood access gates put paid to almost 4 months of a pain free back. Its normally dragging deer carcasses around that does for me.

Any way I spent 1/2 a day at work followed by a trip to London to measure up for some cabling on one of a clients sites. Finish in time to get over to the club house for the regular monthly meeting. Now I'm not sure how many of you will recognise this place but I'm sure not many will have such a grand pile as a club house!
For those unused to seeing Bedlam at night here is a close up of a couple of the breechloaders out front:

For those of you still unenlightened here you go:

Despite there being a decent lecture (well more of a reminiscing) taking place last night I had to cut short my attendance due to a lack of trains back to where my car was!

The lecture would have started earlier but for the ongoing saga over the MoD and The NRA (Notional Rifle Association) who for many years have been content to sell us other type of shooting down the river as long as TR was preserved. 1st went self loading centre fire rifles. Ok thought the NRA no great loss, 2nd went pistols and they soon jumped on the historic section 7 bandwagon when they saw their revenues fall through the floor.

Now we have this MoD imposed muzzle energy limit of 3800 joules which to me is an insult as I no speakee euro crap! To add injury to insult we are to be asked to check zero every time we shoot regardless of the fact that many of our rifles that shoot in excess of the magical 2800 foot pounds of muzzle energy actually cannot leave the danger area behind the back stop as they are ballistically inferior to modern ammo otherwise we would all be using Sniders still!

There seems to be no simple answer apart from sod the lot of them! Time to get my rifles all listed as collection and sporting so I can miss deer as well as the backstop at Bisley!

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