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Saturday, 17 November 2007

Another one bites the dust

Well at least this time it was two, so well done lads. Despite the blogger image upload dying last night along with a couple more of charlies mates.

Today I borrowed at great personal risk the wifes new truck. It drove really well despite me being barred by the long haired CO from taking it either off road or anywhere outside the farmyard with any dirty smelly beaters on board. Her words by the way, pickers up I ask you complete snobs the lot of them. Anyway I drove it down with Chris who managed to lose his phone and Sampson in the travel cage in the back (that or lose his nuts) and his siblings and mum scrapping amongst each other at least till Brighton.

Today despite an ever present threat of rain it held together and over 30 birds were shot including several brace of the ducks at last!

Thanks to Culverwells in Robertsbridge for turning round the repairs on the truck in one day. I cant wait now for the money in the bank to build up enough to buy the wife the car she really wanted so I can have this truck!

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