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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

What a wasted opportunity
Score 1 goal then give up attacking and defending, what was the Ginger one thinking ?
Still at least Brian Ashton has a new contract, better him than the ones before!
Russia defeat mystifies Mc Claren? Mystified, he must be upton park to think thats mystifying. Sack those idle gits and get some real players with guts and passion and pride in playing for their country!
To quote Homer J Simpson "D'oh!"
In fact Homer would make a better manager, time for Homer to be England Manager campaign along with Clarkson for PM and Gene Hunt for Home secretary!

Best thing about a crappy day surveying in London? Private Eye and the comment that the Lib Dem candidate for london mayor is infamous Gay Policeman Brian Paddick, Quote the eye: "Boris the buffoon or a Bent Copper"

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