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Sunday, 7 October 2007

South Of England Showground, Autumn Game and country fair

Well we tried to get a stand at the fair but despite sending a cheque and brochures showing that we didnt sell tat as they nicely put it, we were told we werent able to trade at Ardingly this past weekend. It seems that even in its second year of running on the first weekend of the pheasant season it was too full of dog training equipment stalls to accomodate us!

Well I'm glad we didnt get in, we went today and arrived at 10 am to find the place almost empty. We leafletted a few dog owners and a couple of professional trainers but it seemed to be very quiet. Nigel and his family bumped into us over at the NomadUK stand, no surprise seeing how they sell interesting stalking clothing. There was Warrenby dog training doing a demo in the arena but the crowd was very small untill about 3 o clock in the afternoon!

They did a couple of decent demos but we moved on during the intermediate stage to see what was going on. In the first picture Samson had been tagged by the CA staff, nice they were. I can say the same about the UKIP table who didnt seem to get the irony of the answer I gave to their question re the EU treaty; I only trust one thing less than the EU and that is a politician!

Still I signed their petition for what its worth.

After we left I headed back to the wood to check on the feeders and waterers. The dogs had a great time running around the woods as usual:

The woodsman continues to clear the chestnut like its going out of fashion, a pity really as the nuts are down so the squirrels are stocking up.

The footbridge we built for the guns is still standing and the dogs like the muddy puddles and streams.

Time for a gratuitous muddy spaniel shot!
Last but not least a joke from Nigel the Baker, see you in the morning!

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