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Friday, 26 October 2007

Richards first deer

Ok maybe not quite his first (he managed a Roebuck earlier this year!) this was his first Fallow Buck. I took Richard and Nigel out to a wood nice and early.

Richard went off to the top of the hill to get in position before dawn. Nigel and I took the low ground. It nearly paid off but the deer were disturbed early. Richard sat next to a Roe Buck in the dark and it barked at him. he leapt up and at least 3 deer came running past Nigel and I at the bottom. 10 more minutes and we would have had enough light to shoot.

We moved off slowly and by shootable light time a nice doe wandered in front of us, she stopped and stared for a few minutes. After a while she moved off without undue hurry.

We heard a shot and Richard had bagged a deer. If it had been the 1st of November we could have bagged the doe.

Anyway Richard managed to bag a nice Fallow Pricket:

So after a good breakfast off to work I went. The deer is hanging in the chiller now!

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