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Friday, 12 October 2007

More propoganda from the state lefties for our children

The Al Gore DVD which was manadatory viewing for all schoolchildren in England and Wales has been served up with a reality check. One parent from Kent to whom we should be grateful hasmanaged to get the high court to issue the Dept Of Education an order that it cannot be shown without accompanying anti global warming theory information, see the BBC
At last a triumph tfor common sense. I'm sure I wasnt the only kid uncomfortable with the trendy bead in hair teachers of the 70's who made us sing left wing hymns at school assemblies!
Thanks to Mr FMT for reminding me of this when he had a good dig at Gore and the Nobel prize.
To those of you wondering why I have a driving school link on my website? Its because I'm hoping she will teach my oldest to drive and save me a stroke!
For those wondering about the Poppy and the list of dead from my regiment then today is the day the HM the Queen opens the Alrewas Memorial
This is for all those killed in action since WW2 and includes those murdered by terrorists.
Less than a month to Remembrance Sunday but hardly a week goes by when I am not reminded of the loss of friends.
I also remember my Grandfather killed over Holland on the way home to Yorkshire after a mission over Hannover with the Royal Canadian Air Force. Mum was less than 2 and he was only 24. RIP.

I almost forgot to add that last nightsome happy chaps sorted one of the vixens thathasbeen making light with our birds, oh and bagged a bunny or two which always keeps Harry the Farmer happy. Well done Jason!

And the one here titled the truth hurts! Go on tell me you dont think there's something in it after all?

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Mr Free Market said...

Over the years, I have found that shooting foxes with 150 grain soft nose ammo (lotsa gore), taking pics & then posting them gets you a much better class of hate mail from the bunny huggers