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Friday, 19 October 2007

Happy stockings day

Courtesy of the Sun!

I however despite the distractions that dont appear in my office have time to celebrate this weekend; Trafalgar Day, usually celebrated by a weekend of classic rifle and pistol shooting at Bisley.
A great way it seems to remember killing lots of Frenchman and their Spanish allies.
That is until the politicians decided that law abiding shooters must suffer as the police were incapable of enforcing the law!

Nowadays it is mainly classic rifle although I restrict my attendance at Bisley for club events.

On the positive side I can announce a really foxy lady lady fell to the charms of Jason last night;

Of course a couple of bunny girls were put in the bag.

My water butts IBC's have arrived so this weekend we will be preparing to build next years pen and sorting the water supply and foundations for the keepers lodge. A grand name for chris' caravan.

Thanks to Mr Free Market for this one:

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