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Saturday, 6 October 2007

First day of the season for us

Despite all the delays and worries for our first day in Hampshire, only 4 guns turned up, 2 new beaters and immature birds, combined with maze harvesting and sileage making, we actually had a great Day. Tristan seemed to have lucky barrels hitting everything that flew. We were told no immature birds (including ducks).

This was one of a left and right that brought down this and a Canada goose. The picker up (Chris) struggled to get these back to the car!

We then pushed on over the stubbles and across the fields to flush some Partridges again, Tristan yet again nailed a Grey Partridge, (we have quite a few), Roger bagged on old Cock Pheasant from last years stock.

Its nice to see these birds here in shootable numbers, we may not shoot more than 4 or 5 all season here as the pheasants take priority.

Compare the first geese with the Partridge and then this one here of John the Kiwi with a hare and a rabbit. A mixed bag all right. Chris with millie the cocker managed to find Rogers Cock bird as seen below.

In the end another Cock bird fell, a couple of pigeons were added and a magpie to make what felt like a hard days work all worthwhile.

All in all a good day out, a great start to a promising season, a nice way to break in new beaters and satart the season gently! Thanks Roger and everyone else who has worked so hard to get this going!

I must not forget to thank our two new beaters Alistair (Sp) and Sammy! See you both back again soon!

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