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Wednesday, 31 October 2007

The Civil Shot

Welcome to a new blogger The Civil Shot obviously a nice chap as he shoots. On the subject of shooting its been a busy weekend with another one to follow. You know when its the shooting season when; fill in your own answers here!

Seriously though when the season gets underway properly as it has now we really dont have 5 minutes to ourselves. I am out this friday morning doe stalking. well lets face it as the bucks are still in we can get them as well.

Nigel cornered me on the way home from work, dropping of the hide and some venison for Richard who shot the Fallow Pricket last Friday morning. Now a swift check of the deer seasons list courtesy of the BASC shows us that Roebucks finish today but Fallow overlap Does. Yippee.

Saturdays are either spent in Hampshire beating at the other end of the downs or on our own shoot here at our end of the downs.

Sundays are busy feeding pheasants, cutting rides and spending dusk with your favourite girl watching the sun go down!

This generally heralds the start of the cold and wet or frosty season here.

yes we have had frost which means that the chips on my windscreen are determined to join up via the biggest cracks possible. Oh well!

One thing I have yet to see published is what the muzzle energy limits for the new .22 centrefire regs for small deer are, its been in law for a month now and I'm seeing more Muntjac everytime I go near a certain estate!

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