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Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Been stuck surveying in London again.

Still at least getting home, watching football on the TV asisted by the cider glider and catching up on emails from friends. Thanks to Nigel for this one:

All day I get phonecalls from agencies asking if I want to work for so and so etc or work away from home. I get fed up telling them no but after a couple of days commuting on the train and being shoved by inbreds and thickets who cant read keep left signs etc is enough to make you want to go postal. Work in London again, I suppose I may have to one day but I'll put that off as long as possible!

The one lift of the day was delivering some quality Venison steaks to a friends discerning work colleague who knows what good meat should taste like!

We all know that the Americans like to do things that bit bigger and better than anyone else, it seems that has translated into BBQ's as well.

In California the Govenor Arnie has laid on the biggest one seen for a long time, He didnt invite the President who has deicided it cant be that good after all. Sour Grapes

I suppose it has nothing to do with forcing smokers outdoors does it?

Another item on the local news regarding using foreigner only jails to aid deportation. Now as long as we are not paying anymore to keep these toerags in the place where the sunshine grows in stripes I am all in favour of chucking them out of the country. £38,000 per year per scrote to keep these scrotes locked up. Ok so if thats what it costs then when we deport them at the end and their dependants we can confiscate all their property and sell it to pay for their upkeep.

Now before you label me as planning manager for Attila the Hun think about what happens when a UK national is jailed overseas. Very often they get no food unless its provided by relatives and normally if you are applying for residency that ends and you and your dependants are hoofed out and billed for the flight!

That is what we should be doing, none of this namby pamby huggy feely touchy feely crap that the Guardian readers would have you believe is a persons right! Break the law you give up the rights earned by subjects of Her Majesty.

Time for a drink I think!

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