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Friday, 7 September 2007

Springer Spaniel Rehome alert!

I have to offer on behalf of a colleague a lovely 3 year old pedigree English Springer Spaniel. I dont have a picture at the moment, I'll chase that up. The dog lives in West Sussex and any enquiries can be directed through me. I'm afraid that personal family circumstances force this upon him.

He is well trained but sadly he is stuck indoors all day as both owners now work all day. he is great with kids and although neutered has a great pedigree!
Potential owners will face vetting which is the responsible thing to do! So come on, if any of you know someone that can handle a mature dog then this is the dog that is crying out to be worked and loved!I sadly wont be at work tomorrow but I'll be working hard at the rifle range!


Anonymous said...

If the Springer is still looking for a new home, we just lost ours suddenly suring an operation at the vets.
I was just searching through Google for a dog to rescue and came across this ad.
You can contact me on
We're really close to West Sussex in Portsmouth and we really don't want a new puppy - we would like a young dog with bags of energy for walks, though!
Hubby Dave's mobile is 07901 548559.
Paula :-)

Bambibasher said...

I'll pass this on!