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Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Old Bill competition at Bisley

In honour of Old Bill by Bruce Bairnsfather and the 100th anniversary of the adoption of the No1 Mk 111 rifle the SMLE a shoot was held this morning at Bisley ranges using weapons from that period. Entry was £1 with multiple entries allowed. My club is the HBSA so the match was organised by a lovely Gent and consisted of 5 rounds either prone or sitting at 200 yards snaps at a fig 14 followed by 5 rounds rapid. I didnt get the scores as I went onto another shoot this afternoon but it was fun. I fired a P14 from eddystone and a Mk3 1910 Ross, both in .303.

This was one of the rifles taking part, a lovely SMLE sniper rifle.

Sadly it had to be fired with the scope removed, all matching as well.

The picture above shows Maurice with his 8mm lebel a very nice example and Maurice does collect nice French rifles.

Mr Free Market Turned up with The Englishman and proceeded to fire off a large amount of my ammo. Never mind I needed to thin out the old South African Mk7 ball from the 60's. Older than me it was.
Mr FM turned up with his Ikea rifle and sneaked the tupperware Remington into the case as well. It did shoot well despite not counting as a score I enjoyed shooting it too.

Despite the fact that the Norwegians rebarrelled it they didnt scrub the extensive marks and stampings.

After the lunch of venison, smoked mixed game and wild boar sausages cooked behind the bund at 200 yards, bread rolls supplied by Mr FM we dressed down to 100 yards for some fun with a little 7.62 x 39 CZ Carbine and my .303 deer rifle. Mr FM fired his tupperware and The Englishman fired his 357 Marlin. I did too but I didnt get any photos of that!

The Englishman with the CZ 527.

Generally a good day and I would like to thank all those that turned up and took part as well as those Gents that worked hard to organise the day and made it all such good fun.

Mr FM sent this suitably entitled "Suit You Sir!" picture of myself dribbling over an SMLE sniper rifle.

He also included a shot of the Englishman and myself engaging targets at 100 yards. The Marlin gets the exposure it deserves.


Mr Free Market said...

Dear BB

Thanks for the invite to a great day

Also thanking for the loan of the P14 + the wizzes on the Ross, PH & CZ ... oh, & the ammo & the scoff & the dead bambis

I remain in your debt

Bambibasher said...

Anytime, just have to drag kim along for a blast next time!