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Tuesday, 25 September 2007

The birds are all flying now

I was out last night checking on them and delivering more feed and mixing in some spices. Richard bought a tub of bird puller which hopefully should work. Even without it the 20 or so birds we saw in a neighbouring field came running and flying back in to roost at dusk. I am quite pleased with the way things have gone so far, Chris is ready to move in, the bids are showing lots of feathers and the 29 feeders we have oput are being emptied. We may be feeding all the wood pigeons and squirrels but at least the pheasants are ranging down as far as the northern boundary.

Richard bought a Vitara on E bay and despite needing to rebuild the big end has got it running round our shoot. Richard likes his power toys and chose to cut a new ride on the lower strip with the car rather than wait for the strimmer.

Great progress was made. until the Vitara found a dried out stream bed and the next picture was like the closing scene from "The Italian Job!"
After all this is why men of Sussex are so stout!

We seem, and the slots around the feeders seem to agree, to be attracting deer back into our wood again. Good news and with the addition of spice to the corn, salt licks, apples and salz paste we should have a healthy population to start on next year.
Jobs outstanding include: Bringing in Chris' caravan so we have a rain shelter and somewhere tobasha up after BBq's, dismantling a concrete sectional garage and moving it 20 miles for re erection so we can store the boys toys in safety.
Next year about March time we will build a new pen. This will be at least 2 and 1/2 times bigger than the other one and we will use both for birds.

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