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Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Back from the west country

with straw in my hair and cider in my bladder! The wedding went well and on the sunday we collected the feed or at least the first installment.

This is the happy couple with my brother and myself at the back!

Chris my helpful friend as usual doing the work whilst I ponce around with the camera. During the wedding, whilst trying to sup wine after the ceremony and take picturesI dropped this camera breaking the display screen but it still takes a reasonable piccy.

We put out a few of these feeders reducing the 3 in the pen down to 1 from 3. The birds are doing well, many are flying in and out of the pen and its getting easier to tell the difference between cocks and hens already. We have started to move feeders along a track that runs downhill from the pen, this hopefully will encourage the birds to use different areas of the wood. I'll remove the final feeder in a couple of weeks and by then all 30 feeders will be out in the wood. We are also considering planting cover crops in the recently cleared areas. This would encourage the deer up from the river area at the bottom of the wood.

Doesnt the wood look spectacular at the moment, coppiced well back with all the old oaks showing?

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