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Thursday, 16 August 2007

Well we got some rain at last, this resulted in my getting the car stuck and having to use low ratio to get off the wood. The birds are now all being fed from hoppers in the pen to get them used to when we push them out. I refurbished my free standing feeders with New Nozzles from Patrick Pinker Game farm and bought some extras to be hung from trees in the clearings.

I'll start to site and fill the outside feeders next week as the birds are starting to wander around the outside of the pen.

There is of course the need to get some wheat in as the grower pellets I have bought will run out at some point and I'd like to start mixing wheat in soon. The birds will need the wheat, I will need a supplier and with all the rain recentlyharvests are definetly runnng late!
The good news is that the birds seem to be taking food from the feeder nozzles, roosting at dusk (See picture) and I am now cleaning the waterers each evening before dogging in around the pen to encourage the wanderers to use the pop hole and go back inside to safety. I think from the original 102 birds we are down to 92 or 93 now.
I have plotted 3 drives and am working out how to beat them with 3 beaters to 4 guns.
Fun and games, at least I was back last night watching the gogglebox by 9pm with a generous glass of Jamesons in my grubby mit!

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