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Monday, 6 August 2007

Update on the birdies

Bad news this morning, Janie our local semi naked dog walker (you'll have to see her to believe me) had called in a find of 5 dead birds. Good egg she bagged them up and I collected them this evening. I spoke with her and we discussed the Steve Mc Queen Character Hiltz, the cock bird that keeps doing a runner, the canny bird comes back at dusk for his feed, ever so important to keep the pop hole open. luckily a local vet gave advice so wait a few more days and if we lose more the they will do a PM for £25. bargain compared to the rip off merchants that sting me for my pack of mutts.
Still a good look around the woods today with my 9 spaniels and we found a few good drives, a few good sites for feeders and a spot for a clay shoot this sunday. I will now sniff around for a couple of guests as we need at least 4 all told, 1 walking and 3 standing, after all its only a friendly little DIY shoot!

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