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Thursday, 16 August 2007

The pond

or not as it would seem. Just after taking the lease on this wood I found a couple of old maps in Waterstones. One was 1813 and the other was 1920. Both of these maps showed the wood. Now reading the blurb sent me by the land agent about it being semi ancient woodland so I was pleased. Both maps showed a couple of ponds in the south eastern corner. I have been around these this evening whilst dogging in the birds. One of the ponds seems full if a little stale as there is no flow.
The pond on the highest point just behind the pen is a dried up mud wallow. I would like to consider clearing it out but where to start? I would like to clear a lot of the chestnut away from the surrounds which will clear a flight path in amongst the oaks. I wood have to get a digger in to clear the pond
There was definetly a pond here and if we keep the shoot then releasing ducks and feeding a restored pond will be a great bonus allowing us to shoot on a sunday evening.
I followed the dried out overflow stream down hill away from the old dried out pond. It hasnt seen any water from a long time! I think there might be a way of getting grants to pay for some of the work so anyone that knows if this is possible please let us know!

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