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Monday, 27 August 2007

More Clays shot at!

The BBQ passed well enough, about 60 guests gorged on Bambi burgers, bangers and free range food on the saturday evening. I didnt think it would go as well as I spent saturday morning collecting used curry paste drums from Sevenoaks. I managed to get 20 in the trailer and only had to stop once to load them back on! Anyway we eventually all awoke, dragged ourselves to breakfast and loaded the trap on the trailer. Richard delivered us all safely and we used the last clearing of coppice to present coming on birds over head. I as usual showed off. I'll find those pictures and save them for later!

We ran a coming on type of skeet match at the end with a bit of poaching going on!

Today was spent walking around an 80+ acre ancient wood over near Rotherfield. the client wants to buy it and set up a little pheasant shoot. It seems money isnt an issue and he wants it pricing up! Some work for the train to town this week as I have two days surveying before I go to Cornwall!
I spent this afternoon making feeders from the curry drums and loaded them and the two big feed bins onto my little car! Nothing fell off but I struggled to make 60mph on the bypass. Feeders all stockpiled now, wheat or corn is ready for collection next weekend. So next weekend I'll start to put the feeders out away from the pen. As the birds have started to grow tail feathers I'll remove the feeders from the pen by the end of the month or at least cut it down to one!
I have the drives worked out, now to plot the drives, feeders and peg out the stands. There is also a footbridge to put in next month before it gets too wet!

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