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Sunday, 5 August 2007

The Eagle has Landed

Well the pheasants at least!
Here I am putting in a new gate post as the fly tipping Pikey b*sterds from the local dole queue (town) ripped the old one out so we sank a new pair in about 6 foot deep!

Here I am a couple of weeks ago running the chicken wire out for the pen, we used as many existing trees as possible for fence posts and utilised the coppiced chestnut available in the wood for where we needed posts.

Here is our pen with the unusual gate from the inside, still despite our manic attempts to put up an electric fence:

We did manage to get the perimeter fence for our pheasant pen built in time!

With water plumbed in the small amount of 100 poults was delivered eventually and seem to have settled in ok. One or two escapees that we have put back each evening since and all seems well. Despite sods law prevailing with the plumbing they seem to be happy! Just a battle to ensure Charley and his friends dont get in!

So a couple or so months to go and we can start killing the little blighters!

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