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Sunday, 12 August 2007

A day at the clays

We (a friend and I, his son, and my youngest) spent a few hours today out on the wood breaking clays. Last year I bought a Laporte 75 trap (it holds 75 clays) and it works on a 50 metere lead using a car battery. A great toy as they supplied a pallette of clays with it and I still havent got through them yet!

Dusting clays:
This was Nick attempting to scare a disc of bitumen that had done him no harm.
He spent most of the day taking photos with his new digital camera but when persuaded behind the butt from the lens he shot a lot better than last year!
I'll post more pics later. we visited the pen and cleaned out the waterers, caught up a couple of errant birds and generally had a big boys couple of hours away from the wives!
Nick is the coach of the football team that my son plays for, this is about the only non ball related sport he gets to do. He is getting better.

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